Gazetteer Management Software

GGP NGz is the award-winning system for managing a corporate property or street gazetteer. Part of a spatially-enabled National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) / National Street Gazetteer (NSG) solution, GGP NGz provides easy access from an array of systems including GIS, CRM, web-based applications and back office systems.

GGP NGz ensures a consistent, up to date and accurate base for all property-based information and manages the import and export of data between the local database and the national hub. The complete product suite was one of the first software solutions to receive accreditation for address data transfer (DTF 7.3), supports DTF 8.1 for street data, and is fully compliant with BS7666.

The GGP Systems suite of Gazetteer Management Software also includes eNLPG for Intranet gazetteer management, NGz Web Connector for integrating gazetteer data into existing systems and web applications and Street Naming and Numbering software.

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