About Us

SONY DSCLocated in Croydon, GGP Systems is one of Britain’s leading providers of geographic information systems (GIS) and services to UK local authorities.  The company has also become a leading supplier of gazetteer management systems and a major force behind the implementation of the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG).

Public services in Britain have been revolutionised in the last decade following the widespread adoption of new information technology.  The changes have been driven by a need for greater accountability and efficiency, easier access to public information and improved services. GGP has been at the frontline of these improvements and the company’s innovative solutions underpin a new generation of online public service systems connected to centralised and shared information.

GGP Systems was established in 1992 following the development of what many regarded as one of the world’s first GIS designed for a PC platform.  This first generation system was initially used to map and geographically analyse road traffic accident data throughout London and became central to a 30 per cent reduction in road traffic accidents across the Capital.

Today GGP Systems is one of the top GIS and Gazetteer Management System suppliers nationally with sites extending from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire.  Having helped roll out systems across over one hundred local government sites as well as police forces, fire services and social housing providers, GGP is right at the heart of a transformation of Britain’s regional government.

GGP Systems is unrivalled when it comes to experience, knowledge and understanding of local government in Britain. The company has also grown every year and this success is in part due to the fact the company has always listened to its customer base and delivered the solutions they need.  In fact, GGP sites are increasingly being recognised as leaders in their field with award-winning services based on software solutions from GGP Systems.

The approach of GGP Systems is one of partnership and in successive GIS market surveys.  The company is always ranked top for service and support.  The company employs a dedicated team of software professionals in the UK.  This allows the highest level of systems support with direct access to systems developers backed by convenient local and on-site technical support.  A complete range of services is provided, including advice on system design, consultancy, training, support and customised software development.

The strong commitment to the UK public sector continues to be one of the company’s greatest assets. GGP Systems is also a champion of open systems; with easy integration and inter-operability being key design elements of all GGP’s software. The latest generation of GGP products provide new levels of interoperability, supporting spatial data storage and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.