A Data Cleansing Partnership With Candidate Processing

By GGP Systems

Posted in Business Blog on June 16th 2011 08:57

The going live deadline for Candidate Processing is 30th September 2011 and councils across the UK will be preparing for this.  You might be wondering what Candidate Processing is all about so here’s a little summary on why it assists both local councils and their emergency service partners.

What is Candidate Processing?
An emergency service will create a ‘candidate’ when it is unable to locate a particular property.  The candidate is then sent to the Hub.  On receiving the candidate, the Hub sends this to the local council which checks if there are any issues involving the property e.g. the property no longer exists because it was demolished.  The candidate is either accepted or rejected by the local council and then the Hub must be notified.  If the candidate is accepted, the Hub sends a Change Only Request back to the emergency service.

What Are The Gazetteer Requirements For A Local Council?
Gazetteer software that can:

  • Import candidates
  • Export candidates
  • Create reports for the scale of the candidate

What Are The Gazetteer Requirements For An Emergency Service?
Gazetteer Software for that can:

  • Create candidates
  • Export candidates

Why Is Gazetteer Management and Candidate Processing So Essential?
For a local council, the accuracy of NLPG data is crucial for:

  • Improving customer service
  • Driving down costs
  • Improving council revenues
  • Helping to reduce fraud
  • Enabling self service

Emergency services must have accurate address data at their fingertips and Candidate Processing enables them to improve the quality of that data.  It’s a win/win situation with local councils performing daily tasks efficiently and with accuracy and emergency services being mobilised to the correct locations in time-critical situations.  With the time and cost savings associated with gazetteer management, people are able to work smarter.  There is no doubt that the right gazetteer solution gets results but local councils and emergency services must work in partnership to keep those results.

One Response to “A Data Cleansing Partnership With Candidate Processing”

  1. andrew.gale says:

    When will the NLPG editor be ready for the candidate process? As of yesterday no data has been recieved by the hub for validation from any software supplier. What we don’t want is a made rush in September to get the software passed by the hub for candidate processing along with the DEC amendments.

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