Careers At GGP Systems

At GGP Systems, we believe that our people are key to the success of any project.  We work with self motivated individuals who are adaptable, forward thinking and passionate about what they do.

For those who like to be challenged and on the path to a progressive career, GGP Systems offers the perfect opportunity to learn new skills fast.  Departments work closely together across the company, enabling true collaborative work and sharing of knowledge and skills.  The approach is hands on but staff have the support of a close-knit team to guide and train them to success.  Staff members range from first rate graduates to those with many years of industry specific experience, bringing together fresh ideas and well established expertise.

GGP staff find satisfaction from knowing that their personal contribution has made a difference to the wider world, assisting to improve services delivered via local councils and emergency services across the country.

Career in GIS and gazetteer management

“Feel part of something bigger”