Street Naming and Numbering

Confusion arising from inaccurate street naming and numbering records and processes can be eliminated by using GGP’s new Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) software.

GGP SNN is our latest application that integrates with our gazetteer suite. Developed in conjunction with Local Authority Street Naming and Numbering Officers, GGP SNN facilitates the administration of the many contacts, correspondence, legal documents and tasks that make up the complex street naming and numbering function of Local Government.

Instead of property-related street numbering and naming data being hidden away and private to the SNN officer in a local authority, GGP SNN makes it fully available to planners, Environmental Health officers or anyone else who can benefit from accessing it.

Functions within GGP SNN include:

  • NGzGaz view app – capable of being run from any Windows desktop, the NGzGaz app makes it simple to find or query addresses and retrieve properties from your authority’s LLPG. Properties that have an SNN cross reference have a ‘View Data’ button which will provide access to a read-only form to display the SNN record
  • Automatic cross-reference function – when configured with the GGP NGz gazetteer database, GGP SNN can automatically add a cross reference to an NGz property with a unique property reference number (UPRN)
  • Multiple workflows – enables you to customise your system to suit your individual requirements and generate emails and letters from templates automatically populated with case data
  • Listing of on-going cases – GGP SNN can be used to maintain a list of all on-going cases. Case status overviews can be automatically set to provide reminders of essential and time critical tasks
  • Integration with GGP GIS – allows the SNN officer to verify that the street is in the correct location
  • Integrated financial module – enables invoices to be generated and tracked. Documents can be scanned and held digitally, improving security and accessibility



Six good reasons to choose GGP SNN

Built in conjunction with our proven NGz Gazetteer system, GGP SNN provides the same benefits of simplicity, flexibility and integration. Based on our extensive knowledge of local authority and public service requirements and processes, GGP SNN can help you to ensure that your street naming and numbering systems contain the most up-to-the-minute information. Here are just six of the many reasons why you should choose GGP Systems as your preferred provider of street naming and numbering software:


We know the public sector GGP Systems has over 21 years of experience in the
provision of geographical information and gazetteer management solutions for the
public sector. This has given us an in-depth understanding of how to provide software
and support that are exactly matched to the needs of local authorities and public
sector bodies such as police and fire authorities and ambulance services.


Our solutions are your solutions Like everything we do, our SNN software has
been developed in close consultation with our users. This approach has resulted in a
product that exactly meets your needs, with a full range of functions specifically
designed to help take the complexity out of maintaining your street naming  and
numbering processes.


We offer total integration We have designed our software to work in conjunction
with our gazetteer management system and to interface with our GIS platform. This
enables the SNN officer to verify all information before committing it.


We offer unrivalled support Our SNN software is fully supported by a dedicated
team of software specialists who can help you with your every support or training
requirement. As the people who built the software, they offer unrivalled knowledge
both about the products and how it can be deployed to maximum effect throughout
your organisation. We also offer comprehensive training, offered on-site, locally or at
our own training centre.


We take the pain out of compliance Keeping up with the latest standards can be time-consuming. GGP SNN has been designed to be fully compliant with the strict guidelines governing the format and organisation of names and numbers within street naming and numbering systems.


We can save you money From installation and set up through to future upgrading and integration, our GIS and NGz products offer a highly cost effective solution. Our low set
up, implementation and training costs take the pain out of getting up and running. Our
software is also easy to use and maintain, with a range of reporting and utility tools
included as standard, enabling you to increase your work efficiency by doing more
in less time.

How can we help you?

Whatever your GIS or Gazetteer requirements, GGP Systems can help you to maximise the potential of your mapping data.

To find out more or to discuss how our products could be used in your application, please call us on 020 8686 9887 or email us at

To book a demo with one of our account managers, please email ref. ‘Demo’.