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By GGP Systems

Posted in GIS Releases on November 10th 2010 14:40

I am very glad to announce the fourth Service Release of GGP 2009 (v3.0.5.5). This version can be applied as an update to existing prior installations of GGP 2009. A full migration, including the configuration of a System Database (see documentation) is required for GGP 2008 and earlier versions.

This release has been verified with the following GGP software versions:

Product Version Notes
NGz 2009 (v3.0.5.XX) NGz 2008 installations are not compatible with this release and require an upgrade to NGZ 2009
eGGP 2009 eGGP 2008 and 2006 installations are not compatible with this release and require an upgrade to eGGP 2009

This release can also be applied to third-party links and applications that integrate with existing GGP 2009 installations. Users who need to run two parallel installations (test + live) of GGP can obtain additional information on how to do it from this document.

Detailed release notes are available here, but here is a summary:

  • Improved, “what you see is what you get” configuration of the anchor point for a display query text label. It is now possible to have display labels anchored to the geometric centre of a feature.
  • Improved interoperability with MasterMap databases loaded by third-party GIS providers, allowing different table column names.
  • File based overlays can now have queries (display, database) of up to 2000 characters.
  • Much faster data imports into overlays with unique keys.
  • Fixed some issues with legacy formats, such as snapping to LandLine.
  • 40+ bug fixes.

The installer archive is available here.

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