Windows 7 Compatibility

By GGP Systems

Posted in Technology Blog on December 7th 2010 12:10

One of the frequent questions that come to us via our Support Team or our Account Managers is “How compatible is GGP GIS with Windows 7?”. The answer is: GGP 2009 works perfectly fine with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and, although our application is a 32-bit process, it can be executed in 64-bit operating systems without problems.

As a matter of fact, yours truly is one of several GGP staff members that have been running GGP 2009 on a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit workstation for quite a few months already. I have not toned down any of the Windows UAC messages and I still need to manually authorise every single installer application on my machine, but I am yet to encounter any issue caused by interactions between GGP 2009 and Windows 7.

The same can be said about Windows Server 2008; our account managers routinely do technical demonstrations of our software using portable cube-shaped servers, which you may have seen during the latest User Groups. These demo cubes run Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2 and Oracle Server 11g (all 64-bit), and we haven’t had the least bit of trouble from them.

Some things to bear in mind, though:

  • Please be aware that GGP 2009 is a 32-bit process and it will require the 32-bit version of certain database clients, such as Oracle and PostgreSQL ODBC.
  • There are certain versions of the Oracle 10g client which are notoriously troublesome in Windows Vista and Windows 7, requiring to run GGP with elevated privileges. An upgrade of the Oracle client will solve this.

Our registered users can get more details from the GGP 2009 SR-4 Release Notes.

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