Microsoft SQL Server “Denali” CTP And Whitepaper

By GGP Systems

Posted in Technology Blog on November 20th 2010 11:06

Microsoft have released a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the new SQL Server release, code-named “Denali”, and a whitepaper detailing the new features.

Some of the highlights:

  • New aggregate functions UnionAggregate, EnvelopeAggregate, CollectionAggregate and ConvexHullAggregate for all geometries in a table.
  • Improved spatial index for point data, which allows for much faster “nearest neighbours” and similar spatial searches.
  • Persisted computed columns, which would allow the creation of a GEOMETRY column that is calculated from other fields. Think EAST, NORTH floating point values, and a point geometry automatically maintained by the SQL engine!

Unfortunately, no mention of whether the intolerance for invalid geometries (and the need for “safe” spatial queries in GGP) will be fixed.



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