GGP Launch GIS Solution For Housing Associations

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GIS for Housing AssociationsCroydon, 14 December 2010 – GGP Systems has announced a start up package to enable social housing providers to take advantage of free Ordnance Survey digital mapping. GGP Housing is an off the shelf software package including licences of GGP’s Geographical Information System (GIS) together with a complete installation, training and support programme to ensure the most effective use of geographical information and map based data.

The management of housing stock and associated assets can be made considerably easier using computerised mapping and geographical information.  The GIS helps manage property records, occupancy rates and maintenance schedules as well as making it easier to share information with suppliers, tenants and stakeholders in an easy to understand visual way.

“Geographically referenced data is an essential resource for the provision and management of social housing in the UK,” commented GGP Systems Managing Director and founder Tim Maxwell. “The introduction of the Ordnance Survey OpenData programme has overcome the main financial barrier faced by social housing providers.  With GGP’s Housing package, which combines software, training and support from an expert supplier, providers will be able to see a quick return on their investment”.

The standard GGP Housing configuration includes licences for GGP GIS, enabling users throughout an organisation to access and manage geographically enabled information. A fully managed software installation process ensures GGP GIS is integrated with existing IT solutions for example property databases, asset management software or grounds maintenance programmes. Customised training programmes and ongoing maintenance and support also ensure users gain the maximum benefit from the software.

GGP Housing also includes a strategic review of an organisation’s existing software, hardware and data. GGP Consultants will work closely with an organisation to ensure effective integration, data accuracy and integrity and a return on investment prior to installation. GGP Systems will work with the Ordnance Survey on behalf of an organisation, to secure the most cost effective licensing option if the OpenData solution is not appropriate.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), the national housing and regeneration agency for England, has three key areas that form the focus of enabling and investment activity: Housing growth and affordability, making the best use of existing stock, and place making and regeneration. With an annual investment budget of more than £5bn it is estimated that around half the new homes built in 2009 were directly funded by the HCA.


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