GGP Attending “Everything Happens Somewhere” Conference and Exhibition

By GGP Systems

Posted in Events, News on April 26th 2017 15:55

On Thursday 11th May 2017 GGP’s Sales Account Managers David James and John Hart will be attending the “Everything Happens Somewhere” Conference and Exhibition at GeoPlace in Leeds at Leeds United Football Club.

The key theme of the conference is how local government address and street information can support digital transformation.

The event is aimed at supporting Authority Address and Street Custodians, Street Name and Numbering Officers, team colleagues, GIS officers and anyone else in authority that would benefit from seeing an insight on how geographic data is being used around the world.

The conference will be focusing on knowledge transfer, promoting best practice and practical sessions providing support and training.

There will be so much happening at the event such as:
• Keynote presentations on an open basis that will highlight how geographic locators enable data sharing as well as local government’s central role in delivering the next generation of road mapping for England and Wales.
• A series of knowledge exchange sessions, which allows everyone to come together to talk about their day-to-day challenges as well as any national issues such as local government transparency, open data technology, data improvement, applications of address and street information, land changes, street naming and numbering.
• A discussion on the work from local to national – why what happens at a local level is important nationally and how Custodians can facilitate improvements.
• The Exemplar Awards will also be presented, including the Data Quality and Improvement Awards.

GGP have arranged with Georgia Carr from GeoPlace an exhibition stand 13, for David James and John Hart to promote our products and services and they are available to answer any inquiries, they will look forward to seeing you all.

If you would like to sign up for the event or require more information please visit: GeoPlace

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