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Croydon, UK, 20 November 2009 – A suite of integrated software from GGP Systems is helping South Northamptonshire District Council provide corporate wide access to essential council records. Used to maintain and manage the Council’s Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) the software, including GGP’s renowned geographical information system (GIS), award winning NGz gazetteer management software and intranet based eNLPG, ensures all Council Officers have access to the centralised address data. The GGP software is also helping South Northamptonshire Council improve the provision of a range of frontline services while complying with national data standards.

South Northamptonshire Council selected GGP software to replace an under performing legacy system. “Failing to meet new standards as they are introduced meant that we could have incurred fines,” commented Lisa Mansell, LLPG Custodian. “In such times of financial restraint this would simply not have been acceptable. GGP was able to provide an integrated solution that was completely BS7666 compliant, offered user-friendly functionality and enabled us to disseminate this essential dataset via the Council intranet to every desktop.”

The GGP solution is also helping South Northamptonshire Council prepare for and contribute to the CORE (Co-ordinated online record of electors) project and the Census 2011 Project by matching the LLPG with Electoral Register data. “We also intend to use the GGP software to help with a major project to cleanse and match all our major back office databases and then link them together to provide current and correct data to all end users,” continued Mansell.

The solution implemented by South Northamptonshire Council includes GGP GIS, GGP NGz and eNLPG. Specifically designed to manage a Council’s LLPG GGP NGz ensures a consistent, up to date and accurate base for all property-based information within the organisation. GGP NGz also manages the import and export of data between the local authority database and the NLPG, the national hub and the complete product suite was one of the first two software solutions to receive accreditation for address data transfer (DTF 7.3) and is fully compliant with BS7666.

eNLPG provides council wide access to the NGz managed LLPG via a corporate intranet or Internet service. Automatically linked to the centralised address database users are able to access the data ensuring frontline delivery is underpinned by the most up to date and accurate information. eNLPG also allows users to provide feedback on the LLPG and report anomalies to the custodian.

GGP Systems specialise in GIS and Gazetteer Management software specifically designed for the UK public sector. The South London based company provides easy to use solutions for the creation and management of corporate property databases, the ability to add and use a spatial element to all location based information and a range of solutions to meet t-Government directives and the drive towards shared services.

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